Looking after me, finally!

So, earlier this week I was in hospital. Although this was probably for MANY reasons (& I shall maintain this opinion if asked.) I had a big hand to play in it. To cut a long story short, me and my winter coat had a falling out which led to a rather nasty cold/flu/bug thing.


The point is, I suffered because I wasn’t looking after me. This isn’t a post about selfishness, or ‘put me first’ because I absolutely love it when people are kind and generous to other people but the reality is what good is being awesome to others if you aren’t good to you? I allowed important things to take a back-burner in life because  I wasn’t putting my wellbeing as a priority.

You are a priority.

Studying so that you have a future: that is <bold>  your </bold> priority. Keeping healthy and fit: that is <bold> your </bold> priority. Eating well, not hurting yourself, even loving yourself – these are all things that need to be your priority, because you can’t rely on others to put these things first when they need to look after themselves.

You deserve more than a back burner,

I deserve more than a back burner!!


R. x

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