Rebellion Post!!

“I wouldn’t say there was any space for rebellion in the world. Maybe in your mind?”

I thought this was an interesting/odd/possibly genius quote from Chad, aged 19. Is there room for rebellion in your mind? Can you rebel in the world? Can we get anything done without rebellion? If you have any thoughts comment, post, respond – do it all!

One thought on “Rebellion Post!!

  1. This “Genius” isn’t much of an intelligent one. The very definition of a rebellion is to resist authority or convention. Therefore the answer to his question is yes! Because it is in the world tangible forms of authority are found. How can one resist an authority which is not empirically present? To answer the blogger’s question rebellion starts in the mind because no action is thoughtless, even an impulsive gesture carries some sort of subconscious thought. Is there room in the world for it? What else are contradictory opinions formed of?

    Interesting blog you have here, I’ll poke around to see if you have any stimulating quotations 😉

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