Is God Controlling?

Was sent an interesting comment yesterday/today by one of my readers about the nature of God, assuming he’s real of course.

Well personally, I do think he’s real, and to answer your question about making imperfect people if he is perfect I think it’s all to do with free will. The basic story is God has a plan etc etc, his plan will get you to point A. The catch is that you have a choice to go along with this plan, so you can either follow what God wants and get to point A or do whatever the hec you like and arrive anywhere from point B-Z.

In my eyes it’s not about control. I can do whatever, whenever – and that’s the gift of free will, but i choose to go along with a plan that isn’t mine.

Like in a relationship, there’s an expected behavior. You call, text, kiss blah blah blah. No one says you have to do any of that, you could choose not to touch your partner, or not to kiss. You don’t have to do anything, but don’t expect to reap the full benefits of that relationship.

I hope I answered your question, in some long round about way but don’t hesitate to get more info!!

3 thoughts on “Is God Controlling?

    • Great name btw, should I be scared lol? And to be honest sometimes you don’t know where point A is, sometimes to get to point A you need incredible amounts of faith and patience. And it varies between people, some people are really in tune with God, others just aren’t! I wish I had a more comprehensive answer for you!

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