Top 10 Most Beautiful Black Women (According to white people)

A little something for my ethnic and non-ethnic followers! Lets talk about beauty and individualism today. Lets be real, it’s hot to look white! It’s almost even more hot to look kinda ethnic, but still rocking this european look! The weave vs natural vs perm post is saved for another day but still, lets state the obvious… I know this may not be political or hard hitting…but it’s real to me. As always, comments and posts very welcome.
Love x


Here are the black women that English-speaking white people think are the most beautiful (with the number of lists of beautiful women each one made in my survey):

Halle Berry (9 lists) – American film actress, the first black woman to win an Oscar for Best Actress. She was Storm in the X-Men films (2000-2006) and the Bond girl in “Die Another Day” (2002). She won the Oscar for “Monster’s Ball” (2001). Her mother is white, her father is black.

Beyonce Knowles (8 lists) – American singer. She was in Destiny’s Child and then on her own. Her father is black, her mother is Creole.

Tyra Banks (4 lists) – American supermodel. She is the first black woman to make the cover of GQ magazine and, more importantly for this list, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue (1997). More.

Mariah Carey (3 lists) – American singer. She sings like a black girl…

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