The Love Generation

My first post in a couple of days, sorry for the wait readers! Amongst studying and generally living away from the Internet I stumbled upon my next topic inadvertently; let’s talk about sex. And I don’t mean in a steamy, teen romance kind of way , I mean it in a lets be totally practical sense.
So, I’m a Christian, and since the dawn of time adults have been telling me to wait till marriage. I think by the time I was 11 I had it in my head that I was going to cling to virginity till I was 30. Then I hit puberty and I figured out why everyone found it crazy hard: the opposite sex is extremely attractive! Not only that but being the insecure female I was preprogrammed to be I wanted to be desirable too! What was once a simple decision turned into a minefield of hormones, emotions and a little bit of peer pressure.
I can take a bit of comfort in the fact that I’m not alone, most teens are either having sex or wishing they were having sex. I have no stats for you because you don’t need to hear again how many under 16’s are carrying babies, STD’s or just having wicked nights out. I was under the illusion that because everyone else was doing it, it wasn’t an issue for me to be free, the only reason I wasn’t being free was because of that tiny voice saying “not now”.
I’m not saying I didn’t date, because I did, and boy did it open my eyes! Love can really suck. It hurts, it’s expensive and I you’re thinking about long distance be prepared to spend a lot of time on Skype. Needless to say it didn’t end as I hopes as I’m now single.
Being a little older and a lot wiser I can now say I wasn’t mature enough for that kind of emotional responsibility. A lot of teens aren’t, and to be honest some adults aren’t either.
The point of this post – people are looking for that one in a million love by trial and error and damaging themselves in the process. I can’t tell anyone what to do, but for me, I want to give that one in a million something no one else has ever experienced. So if that means I have to bench myself for a couple of years, so be it; the rewards are greater.

Love x

One thought on “The Love Generation

  1. Makes me smile to read such intelligent thoughts. You’re right, especially about the way many of us put ourselves through a lot of hurt trying to get into love. It’s a huge responsibility to love another human being unconditionally, faithfully and selflessly and so love really is best entered into with the intention of committing oneself to that other person in all of those ways, even if the relationship doesn’t last.

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