The Secret Powers of Time

Time is of the essence. Literllay. Money, you can always make more of and relationships can mend but time; it will be spent regardless of what you do with it. I, like most teens absolutely SUCK at time management (where else can I be honest apart from the internet, I have nothing to hide!), but even I can feel it slipping through my fingers.

I was rushing around doing various errands last week and I ended up in an assembly at school that I was meant to be making an announcement in. It just so happened that this video was playing and I thought “Wow, this guy is speaking so much sense! I really am living very hedonistically (if that’s a word, if not just Google hedonist and you’ll get the idea). Later that week I made a failed performance and if I’m honest with myself I didn’t really invest the amount of time it needed to do it justice. There was always something else, more pressing to do.

As many of you guys approach a new year and possibly exams I challenge you to really think about time: plan it, spend it wisely and reap the rewards! Also watch the video, it’s brilliant!

Love x

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