Here I Am – Listen to What I Have To Say

In real life, away from my pc screen, I LOVE to talk. About everything. My jaw is constantly working through maybe 1 part rubbish and 2 parts sense. My point is that I have something to say and I will ALWAYS make sure I get heard.

Being young isn’t easy, you’re finding your way through awkward things (puberty – yeesh!) and finally figuring out who you are and what you really believe in. At some point every young person feels like they have something to say. It ranges from the trivial like ‘I need more freedom to…’ to the large things ‘I think the government should make this change…’. We all end up embracing some cause, sometimes temporarily and sometimes for the long haul.

But eventually it comes to the point where beliefs can’t only be beliefs anymore. It’s not okay for me to just WANT to go out and party till sun up (personally I’m not about that life), people need to know! Action needs to be taken. You won’t be able to get what you want if you can’t communicate that to people.

For some it’s easy. I’ve never had a problem telling my parents I’m not happy with something or challenging teachers – if I don’t feel happy I will make sure you know about it. But for others there is this crippling fear of rejection and a feeling of over-sensitivity. No-one wants to step on people’s toes or make waves, and because of this they don’t get heard.

It’s not just when you want to change something – it’s when you want to show people who you are; make that statement to the world. Here I am. This is me. I have something important and of worth to offer you. I want to push all my readers (and my non readers) to put themselves out there. That’s what this blog is all about to be honest. I am Robyn, and I have an awful lot to offer the world in my writing, in my music, in person etc! What you have to say is important and it’s up to YOU to make other people listen. Grab people’s attention, show them that you deserve it.

In the spirit of putting people out there I want to put a link out to a blog I discovered via twitter, mainly poetry and lyrics and 100% talent. Check out what this guy has to say. It is important.

Love x


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