Faliure… the new success?

So hey. If you’re in the UK like me and between 15 and 19 the likelihood is that you’ve just gotten your exams. If you passed with flying colours, congratulations! If you bombed out, my condolences. HOWEVER – is your failure really a bad thing?

Take me for example – two years ago I thought I wanted to be a biomedical scientist. Please don’t ask me why! I took maths and physics with a bunch of other things and left year 12 with an E and a U. To be honest they’re pretty awful grades. I had to come to terms with the fact that I am not the next Stephen Hawking, and it sucked for about a week and then I started over.

This year instead I picked up Psychology and I LOVE it! I’m good at it, it makes sense and i can see myself going places! Not only that but I can use it with so many things, it was a real blessing in disguise. 

My point is – instead of focusing on all the crappy stuff that happens, turn it around into something good. Don’t be a miserable moose: you WILL eventually lose your friends if you continually suck the joy out of life. Turn your failure into something incredible – learn from it, change something and watch yourself grow!

Just to say I am still around, studying gets the better of me sometimes but I’m still writing and whatnot so watch this space!

Love x


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