Happy Sunday readers! It’s 8:30 am here in the not so sunny UK and I can’t sleep. As per usual I go through all my social networking to see what entertaining things have been happening overnight. This morning I accidentally stumbled upon one of those truth-seeker YouTube accounts.

Now I’ve had my illuminati/mind control phase much like any other teen I know at the moment. I’d like to say I’ve become a rational human being and that of course there’s no hidden agenda to the world. But that would be a horrific lie.

This particular video mentioned the Beyonce/Sasha Fierce combo pairing that gets a lot of exposure in the media these days. I’ll post the link at the bottom so you can make up your own minds and not take my word as gospel. But this video really made me think. If certain things are going on in the world that at a closer look seem off colour, why am I so desensitised to it all?

Another example is the Harry Potter series. I’m not one of those Christians who think it’s evil per se but lets be real, there are some sinister undertones chilling in that manuscript. Quite a few kids my age will admit to casting spells and trying to get into Hogwarts and being disappointed when they found out they weren’t magic.

Um. What?

Maybe I’m less susceptible to it – my parents would have dropped dead before they let me say even fake spells. I actually wasn’t allowed to read the HP books till I was 11 and to be honest I understand why now. I missed out on that reality blur between real and fake and right and wrong.

But how does this relate to the media, or even Them/They/The powers that be?

Information is power. When only certain information is made known to you sometimes we lack the interest to dig deeper. We stop asking why and begin to ask why not. I fully believe that there is stuff out there not made privy to the public. Stuff that we may involve ourselves in and not fully understand, or even want to understand.

I challenge everyone to look a little deeper at things. Think about the mind numbing crap they put out there so you really start to not care about what goes in any more. As I once said to a friend ‘you are what you eat. If you put crap in you’re not going to get good out.’

Them/They/The powers that be are only putting out knowledge they want to be known. I’m not saying become weird and scream illuminati from rooftops but just be a little more…selective with what you take in.

As always I love to hear responses and criticisms, write me, comment etc. I want to hear what YOU think.

Love x


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