The Mask


There’s something about being young. Something about being fragile and easily persuaded and inexperienced. Something about it that urges us to make the most elaborate masks we possibly can.

No-one wants to be real anymore, or maybe, in trying to fit in people have forgotten what they look like without the mask. Forgotten that they don’t really like dubstep and makeup, tiny shorts and having to wear hair extensions. They like jeans and jazz and other things they don’t think other people appreciate and understand.

The mask says: no one will understand what I believe so I’ll cover it up. The feat of judgement and rejection can be so crippling people can reject themselves. They stop understanding the true reason for their beliefs.

I have been there, I’m moving away from there. I didn’t use to appreciate who I was, who my family was, my beliefs. I’d go around pretending I fit in more than I actually did because the fear of the outside was terrifying to the preteen me.

But thank goodness for those people who are so happy to be themselves they inspire you to be different. Thank God for the realisation that you are who you are for an extremely good reason. Not so you can stay as you are, but so that you can grow into the best version of you there is. No need to hide yourself from the world, you were made to be great by being you.

Find people who inspire you to be you, not for you to be them.

As always, I love to hear from you via email, comment – even twitter! (@robynwithawhyy)

Love x


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