Make Me Like… Part 2.

So, maybe 2 years or so ago I did a post called ‘Make me look like. Now at age twenty I can show you each and every phase of my life based on my haircut. But I’ve grown a bit too. I now know that a new look won’t hide your pain from everybody, and that’s okay. I also learned that It’s okay to go against the grain! Different isn’t always bad (sometimes it is. But that’s another post for another day).

People will reject and accept you & it often has little to do with you as a person. It is almost purely a reflection of who others are and how they feel about themselves. With that in mind I continue to strive be myself & express that  however I see fit (within reason).

Thank you for those off screen who continue to show me their love and overwhelming support. I love you all.

R. x

IMG_1209 IMG_2307 IMG_2504 IMG_2618 IMG_2686 IMG_2858 IMG_3057 IMG_0038 IMG_0206 IMG_0264 IMG_0384 IMG_0409


2 thoughts on “Make Me Like… Part 2.

  1. Pretty Robyn – you look stunning in every one of your phases! And yaaaaaaaay, you’re back!!!!!
    K, I’m done with the exclamation marks.

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