A continual struggle for me… Sometimes it’s hard to put boundaries in place because you want to do-all, be-all, befriend-all and it doesn’t work!

Here’s to gaining some perspective,

R. x

Revival on Purpose


If you have lived a bit you will start to realise that life can be demanding. Whether it be friends, family, mentee’s or work, these are all things that can begin to draw energy from you if boundaries are not set.

Let me give you a quick definition. Boundaries protect your priorities while putting everything else in its rightful place. It’s like a secured gate that only allows people access that have the code. It’s not that you are blocking people out but not everyone should have the same level of intimacy with you. E.g if you are a Pastor with a family, your congregation should not have the same privileges or time with you as your children do.

If boundaries are not set your family will start to feel devalued and neglected and find other ways to fulfil their need for connection. As I said before, boundaries protect priorities…

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