The Language of Love and Other-Halves

The Observations of a Single Sheep

As a linguist I am interested in language, and as a human being I am interested in love. Language and love are similar as they directly affect the reality you see around you and the reality that occurs within you (perhaps a post about existentialism is due). The two drive the narratives of our lives on a daily basis and manipulate our actions as well as perceptions of right and wrong. I don’t intend to write about the way that language and love are complementary.

The reason why a wrote this post is because in the week leading up to Valentine’s Day I saw a friend refer to her partner as her ‘other half” on social media, that then started the wheels in my brain and I began  looking at the common every day monikers (names) that we use for those that we are romantically involved with.

Words like:

  • soul-mate

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